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Thanks Schneckchen for the recommendations!

I have played all of the GK games in the past & agree they are the best adventures & recently got GK 1 again from GOG to be able to play on Win 7.

I downloaded The Last Express from Bigfish games which I would have been better off getting from GOG as it is DRM free - I'm almost at the end - I've just got a bit of a timed bit to do which I'm not so good at but was planning on replaying it as I think I missed quite a lot!

I've played the Broken Sword games a few times & also Syberia which I've only got a consol version for - is the GOG version point & click?

I've got Simon the Sorceror 1 & 2 on disc which I've never been able to install!

I'll be definitely be taking advantage of the Tex Murphy games & Phantasmagoria on GOG. I hadn't thought about Normality - I have a slight preference for 3rd person but a few of my favourite games have been in
1st so I don't mind!

I looked on ebay to try & get 3 Skulls of the Toltecs dave_minall -there was one available at the time but it was just a ridiculously high price!

There are so many older games that I've either missed out on or have disc versions that just won't install so it would be great if GOG could get a lot more of them!
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