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Originally Posted by zane
^what drives me completely crazy about it is they come out and say "we've totally learned from the mistakes of using a long distance development team with gray matter" and then immediately theyv seemed to set themselves up for a similar situation.
No - she learned her lesson from *handing off her design* to another team and not being involved in the production process. That's what happened with Gray Matter. With Moebius, she will be involved on a daily basis (as she has been for Lola & Lucy, and for all of the games she's worked on with Oberon).

Jane's been using this process for the past 8 or so years to make casual games, and many of her recent games have been developed by Signus. She clearly likes working with them and vice versa. And she obviously knows the difference between a casual game and an adventure game, and has an understanding of Signus's strengths. I think she would know better than any of us whether the team is up to the task.

Anyway! This article went up today on the German site,61857/

Maybe someone who can read it can say if it's a good one.
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