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Syberia II

Playing this game so close to the original just highlights for me the fact that this is a continuation of the last game rather than a sequel. It's as if funding ran out half way through the game and we ended up with the weird rushed ending of the first game and now it picks up straight after that ending in game 2.

Kate, having found Hans, is now escorting him across the wilds of Russia to find Hans's dream of riding a Mammoth.

The same rules apply to this game in that the graphics are georgous, but ultimatly empty screens with little interactivity. There are neat touches like footprints in the snow etc. The character models are improved, but Hans now looks like a creepy old man.

The puzzles are fairly straight forward, but there are a few challenging ones towards the end. This time around the constant winding of the train is replaced with the frailty of your companion requiring a lot of health care as the prefered puzzle of choice.

Locations are larger than the previous game, but can become confusing in their layout especially in the youkal villiage near the end.

The ending this time seems more appropriate with it's bittersweet finality to the journey.

It did however have a few problems. It was nice that they played down the constant phone calls, however the tedious and ultimatly pointless private eye cut scenes fizzle out into nothing. You never see him and he has absolultly no bearing on the storyline (I hope the bear ate him).

What was Kate planning to do next? Is she going to replace the lookout she pushed over near the boat dock Is she going to try and sail back by herself or is she going to join Mammoth society?

However in a game that is about clockwork devices, Mammoths and other wonderful fantasy visuals. Why does the fact that 4ft penguins seem to be in the wrong hemisphere bug me the most.......Damn penguins only live at the south pole

Overall though it is an enjoyable ride and I will miss the lovable Oscar, the creepy old man and the way Kate emphasises "Stuck" when she can't interact with things.

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