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Originally Posted by Majsan View Post
My first worry is how I am supposed to find you all?
Hopefully the above pictures should be some help.
I will arrive quite early on Friday so I should have enough time to get lost, if you know what I mean! (I have absolutely no sense of direction…)
For the meeting place I guess I can ask for directions to the memorial? Or can I give the name of a café or something?
Ask for Jempsons Cafe (it's in the picture of the meet place itself) or Costa or Cafe Nero (behind the camera in the picture of the meet place) or simply the pedestrian area at the centre of town. Since the memorial has been gone for some time, newer residents won't know it as the memorial.

I'm off work on the Friday, so could help ease you in with a bit of a mini meet if you like. Same goes for anyone else who is around on the Friday as well. PM me if interested.
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