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Originally Posted by Agustin View Post
I couldn't tell... It's one of the best Legend titles for sure but probably not one of the better known. I think securing the license for just one game is out of the question.

Perhaps the whole Spellcasting series, Eric and Time Quest would be more enticing. But remember: those were by no means the most successful ones.
Agreed. I doubt adding Spellcasting and TimeQuest to the pack will help the sales much. All of them are too dated. I'm not even sure if any of the GOG releases or Kickstarter sequels will work if Bob decides to resurrect Legend - well, maybe with the exception of Blackstone Chronicles that still looks good and that was supposed to be a series of games anyway. That's a trap.

Ah, I really wish to see Bates, Dahlgren and Verdu back to adventure business
Give Simon 3D a chance!
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