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Originally Posted by lobotomy42 View Post
I'm not super-excited about the possibility of remakes. I mean, I get why people have frustrations with GK2 and GK3, so I understand the impulse. But ultimately those games were both designed around their technology as well as their stories. Any remake more complicated than a simple visual update would therefore involve re-designing them...and at that point, why not just make a new game? I could maybe see some slight under-the-hood tweaks to make them play smoothly on newer computers and work well at different resolutions / screen-widths, but anything more than that seems like more work than is worth the effort.
Thats just like saying Dark Knight shouldn't be made since it was written long ago. Don't dis it until you're doing it for the right reasons, and by all means, a remake of any of the GK games is for the right reasons....just that they aren't willing to go a certain distance to make it worthy.
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