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$10K was the sum mentioned by Siddhi. I'm sure Vince was hoping to raise much more than $150 (which he did). Remember that this was a couple of years ago, when Kickstarter was new and relatively unknown, and it was hard to know what a realistic goal was. And remember that any pre-existing Vince Twelve fans would be AGS gamers who were used to getting games for free. It'd be hard to predict how many would be willing to put up money.

Presumably he thought it was better to set an easy goal that he was pretty sure to hit than to set a higher goal that he might miss, and end up getting nothing. $2K is not a huge sum of money, but if it pays for, let's say, 10 backgrounds (is 10 hours to create a 320x240 background, at $20/hour, a reasonable estimate?), that does go some way. (Of course, with the cuts for Kickstarter and Amazon, and fulfilling the tier awards, the actual amount of money left over for the game was considerably lower.)
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