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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
No remakes or upgrades. Let each game stand on its own to mark the era from which it came. GK1 w/o the pixel hunting of the background isn't GK1, for example.
Quite a few times now there has been no need for me to post in this thread because you have said what I was thinking!

All 3 GK games stand as they are. I replay them a fair bit, every 1-2 years I suppose, but I don't want to wallow in the past to the extent of seeing them re-written or re-made.

Personally (and with respect to subbi) I find the idea of an aditional chapter tacked on to GK2 (a la Broken Sword directors cut) completely unappealing.

Let's move forward and see more brilliant games from JJ, whether in the GK series or otherwise. We should celebrate JJ in the present without the mourning for the past that seems so prevalent. The 90's were great and we can still enjoy the games from there but we should look to the 2010's now for new games rather than trying to retrospectively extend the 90's. [/personal opinion]
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