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I'm sorry if a similar thread has been posted before! I didn't start playing AGs on PC until 2000+ (a few on Playstation before that - no internet!) I have mainly since then just bought & played games as they were produced but there are so many older games I missed that are constantly on players favourite lists.

I've seen some on GOG - DRM Free - great! So curious I have so far got Under a Killing Moon, Zork Grand Inquisitor, The 7th guest & Journeyman Project 3 yet to play.

Were they good choices & what do you think of them?

Also I'd really like to see Callahans Crosstime Saloon turning up on GOG - I've played through some of the You Tube walkthrough & it just seems interesting? What older games would you like to see turning up that can be played on a newer system?
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