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^okay, thanks for the clarifications. What happens if the goal isnt reached? content abandoned? I dont like it. Incentives shouldnt even start to resemble things that are needed for a finished a game. And to me things like: an intro video, updated responses, and expanded content, are things that will complete this particular game. I get that this is still a learning process for everyone involved, and youre not just trying to get more money for no reason. But i think kickstarters should be really careful with incentives.
2 things that drive me a little nuts:
1. putting in-game perks such as items into reward tiers (not applicable to this project)
2. making incentive goals for story/puzzle content. And i think theres a difference between saying after the fact: "we've reached amount x, so now we'l be able to do y!" versus "If people dont donate amount x, we will not add y to the story." Because thats not fair to the people who have already backed.
Anyway, i wish you the best in working on the project.
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