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Originally Posted by Ascovel View Post
That PA article misses the important point that we're risking our money to give a chance to creators who wouldn't be able to fund their games otherwise.
In some cases, yes. There are a few people who've been trying to get funding for years and this is their last attempt.

BUT, I get the feeling that many folks are seeing the fan response to a few campaign and thinking about kickstarter as their 1st choice. It's risk free money, and if it goes through, great - you can keep your money in the bank and transfer the whole risk to the fans.

Originally Posted by Ascovel
Indies with promisong, interesting pitches should be taken into consideration though, not just experienced developers with bussiness people on board.
Especially indie devs -- if an indie needs 10K for a project, they dont need kickstarter. Don't tell me they can't put in 10K from their own savings or raise it from friends and family. I stay clear of all these project - Anybody raising small amounts on kickstarter just hasn't tried hard enough to raise the money - and that is a warning sign about commitment in big red letters.
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