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Originally Posted by zane View Post
"adding a location and a character"= hostage situation.
So, adding more to the development should be free? It is not as if they are scam artists. They are game designers that have shown that they can deliver. It takes money and resources to produce a game. The more money and resources available, the more that can be invested in the game. To produce the game that they would probably like to produce would take more than is possible, so compromises have to be made somewhere.

I think you truly underestimate the amount of work that adding an extra location and or location involves. While not on the level of current top level games that take hundreds of thousands of man-hours with the likelihood that many of the developers are making in excess of 6 figures a year, the costs for this are not completely insignificant.

A location may involve several rooms with graphics and sprites, additional audio resources, etc. And all of that requires scripting. Even something a seemingly easy as adding music needs to be programmed in. It also adds complexity to the entire package, adding to more to what can go wrong. There is even some possibility that the additions can introduce bugs elsewhere. If the introduced bug is not readily reproducible, it may be a maddeningly, long process.
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