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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
Then why isn't Jensen's campaign doing better?
Well, Moebius is a new IP with nothing for people to go on but two pieces of concept art. If you look at The Banner Saga (another new IP), they showed off a lot of stuff, including in-game footage. People that know nothing of the game could watch the video and see how cool their game is. Very few people outside Jensen's immediate fan base are going to look at the art for Moebius and pledge out of excitement. (I think we can all agree that Double Fine are a special case.)

Then there's development prestige, and while Jensen has a small but passionate fan base, the actual development team(s) are fairly unknown and not listed in her Kickstarter.

I really am quite surprised that Leisure Suit Larry has picked up over 12,000 backers. I mean, it's nothing compared to Wasteland 2 or Double Fine, but I thought their campaign would struggle towards the end but it has done the exact opposite. Cool stuff.
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