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Originally Posted by Stuart View Post
Don't know if this has been asked but does it really have to be $300,000 exactly? I mean it's on $239,333 right now, say it gets to $275,000, is the missing $25,000 going to kill it altogether?
That's how Kickstarter works. If they don't get $300,000 in pledges, they lose everything. It's a great way to protect the backers (you don't end up giving money to a project that doesn't have enough money to fulfil its promises), but it can be infuriating if the thing fails very close to its goal. Then, I don't think that happens often; if it looks like a project is just about to reach its goal, there'll be people among the current backers who'll be willing to up their pledges a bit.

In any case, there's really no reason to panic. The thing still has three weeks to go (I find that hard to believe; it feels it's already been going on for ages; far too long in any case). Also, it's the end of the month: people are poor. Things might be a bit different once they get paid. (I know the money is only taken from your account once the Kickstarter ends, but I'm sure most people don't understand that. If I ever had to do a Kickstarter, I'd make sure to have it both start and end on the first week of a month.)
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