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Originally Posted by Jatsie View Post
It's strange how even her forums are relatively dead; there just doesn't seem to be a buzz around what she's doing.
I'm not sure this means anything. Take me as an example. I've been massively excited about this every single day since the campaign started. I threw in a lot more money in there than I did to Double Fine. Yet I haven't even been arsed to post in this thread yet. DF had 80,000+ backers and was already a well-known company; not that strange that their place is full of buzz.

I realise that people really want this to succeed, but really, we've had only two days where the pledged amount dipped below the required minimum. I too think it will pick up speed in the last days. Who knows, maybe they'll even be able to offer more copies of the $1,500 tier, which sold out in a day or something.
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