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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
The campaign advances far too slow, it's really disheartening...
Its going to get worse before it gets better... but i really do think we'll find a way to cross 300k before this ends.

Originally Posted by VampireNaomi View Post
I kind of fear Tex Murphy will be in the same situation once his time comes.
Im really worried for tex, because i do think its a similar situation. Theyr adventure games that are loved by the community but not real known outside of it (considerably less known than jane im sure). Hopefully they have a great pitch. I also suggested this on their site and i hope they consider it: if they could give away the pandora directive as a download for a week or even just a weekend to go along with the announcement, theyd probably get alot more attention and people trying the series out. The #1 obstacle for tex is that not enough people have played the games. The people who have, generally love them (outdated interface aside). A gesture of free tex would also create general good will, and people might back without even playing because they approve of the vision and kindness of the giveaway.
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