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People are using Gray Matter's development problems, which were completely out of Jane's hands, against her when deciding to not support the kickstarter.

They're completely missing the point. Pinkerton Road is all about Jane having that control.

The backlash to Gray Matter and to this kickstarter are absurd. People are complaining the rewards aren't good enough. They're complaining the concept isn't clear enough. The video wasn't funny enough. The CSG model isn't clear enough.

All ridiculous, unfounded whining from what I've come to realize is a fanbase not as different from the rest of the entitled gaming community as I thought. The demands people have put out there are absurd.

I never would have imagined so many people in the AG community would be this negative toward the very thing they've been hoping for - more games from Jane and a possible move toward claiming the GK rights from Activision. The latter cannot happen if her projects don't show viable commercial success! And people somehow think that not supporting her is the path to GK4.

Most people on here and other AG forums are quite supportive. I'm talking about the broader AG base.

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