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Originally Posted by MoP View Post
Getting back to Jane, apart from the apparently confusing pitch (that's the embarrassing part if you ask me, people get confused by a simple concept?), I think high price levels are what hold this one down. Around 100$ is what most successful projects ask for a "collectors boxed edition", 200$ in Janes case is just too much. This of course doesn't count the fact, that we could get two games here, so two boxes (so higher expenses), but I guess that's where the confusion comes in again. And you're not gonna get millions with 15$ pledges.
I doubt that. Jane's project already has really generous backers, and for example DFA got over 40% of their $3,336,371 from $15 and $30 backers. In my opinion, the low amount of backers is the main problem with Jane's project, not the rewards or pledge ties ($16 and $30 pledges which usually attract most backers are quite similar in Jane's project than in other KC game projects). Also for example, Larry is getting about 250-300 new backers every day, while Jane's project only gets about 50-100 new backers every day.

Some calculations:

Average pledge amount:
Pinkerton Road - 72 dollars
Larry - 44 dollars
DFA - 38 dollars

Backers with pledge under 50 dollars:
Pinkerton Road - 38% of total backers
Larry - 79% of total backers
DFA - 83% of total backers

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