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Originally Posted by zane View Post
That frustration came from me having to repeatedly correct people in other forums that kept going "look such and such is going to make 800k because this site said so!" So really its more peoples interpretation of it that i was calling inaccurate
Oh believe me, I completely understand. That's the first thing I address in that disclaimer article.

Originally Posted by zane View Post
Iv since seen the disclaimer and i do appreciate the frankness and the aim towards improving
The approach iv been trying to take when watching these is to try and get a sense of what the average $ per backer is going to be by the end and how many backers theyll need.. watching the backers per day is usually pretty predictable, since the $ in a day could swing wildly with 1 persons donation. (of course who knows what will happen in the last hours)
The last 3 days of a project are the most hard to pin down for me as well. Even with the data I have, I'm not sure that will ever truly be predictable!

Originally Posted by zane View Post
(Also, a disclaimer warning when a project isnt a day 1 wouldnt hurt!)
This is going to sound stupid, but I'd never even thought of that :/. That seems like a no-brainer. I'll add that soon. Let me know if you notice anything else that seems off kilter. Happy to take a peek, even if it seems fine .
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