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for $50 you can get 12 updates and some other digital junk that you might click through once
Including two ebooks of novels that regularly sell for $40+ each on eBay... if you can even find them.

The more physical stuff that's added to lower tiers, the more Pinkerton Road has to produce and ship. That costs money and could effectively cancel out the pledge. (And I'm not just talking about shipping and production costs, but also the manpower of getting items made and sent out - it's just her and Bob working there, remember!) Jane said in one of her updates that she realizes the $50 tier is most attractive if Pinkerton Road makes two games this year, and she's still looking for ways to do that even if the Kickstarter funds only fund one, but even in the absence of a second game I think she's gone out of her way to include non-tangibles that make the tier more attractive.

I hate to compare the two projects because they're really very different, but I have to point out that Double Fine didn't have any physical items below the $100 tier, either.

(I'm not trying to convince anyone - people should pledge what they feel comfortable pledging, if anything. The only reason I pledged $100 to Double Fine was to get the big box and I felt kind of guilty about it afterward, because I would normally never spend that much on a game and didn't really care about the other rewards... but that was my choice to make, just like pledging $50 or not based on the goodies Jane's offering is every individual's choice to make. It has the most backers so far, so it seems plenty of people are okay with it.)
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