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The other projects (DFA, Tex Murphy, LSL) are all about bringing back a beloved creator/character who hasn't done an adventure game for more than a decade. With Gray Matter having been published quite recently (and to mixed reception), there probably isn't that much pent-up demand for a new Jane Jensen adventure among the public at large.

Besides, I really think Tim Schafer's rules for a successful KS pitch are true, and they really come down to telling an attention-grabbing, simple story to get people excited and convince them that supporting your project is important. The CSG campaign didn't really do that, particularly in the initial announcement.

That's not to say that Jensen's campaign should have been more like DoubleFine's (after all, one of the things you want to emphasize is how your project is unique and stands out from the rest), but that by applying the same principles the campaign might have had a better starting point.
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