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Jane has a rabid Adventure Gamers fanbase, but I wonder if she has much appeal outside of that scene? Why is it that Leisure Suit Larry can meet a 500,000 dollar goal advertising a remake of a remake and Jane is slogging towards a modest 300,000 dollar goal with a fresh and inventive IP? At Adventure Gamers there is clearly more interest in the forums for Jane's new game than for the LSL remake (35 pages compared to 8?) However, this interest must not be reflective of the appeal of her kickstarter to gamers outside of our community. Or is it that our interest in Jane's new game here at Adventure Gamers primarily stems from our interest in a future Gabriel Knight game? Or is it that kickstarters in general now have sucked pockets dry and Jane's kickstarter would see more money if not for the deluge of kickstarters? I suppose it's not just one answer.

We still have 22 days left on Jane's kickstarter and I have no doubt that the campaign will succeed. However, the daily averages comparing the two above kickstarters is pretty revealing.

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