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Poll results are in!

Green only: 156 votes
Red only: 6 votes
Blue only: 218 votes
Green/Red: 27 votes
Blue/Red: 18 votes
Green/Blue: 645 votes
Green/Red/Blue (“all of the above”): 308 votes

Well, it guess it’s time to break out the pink feetie PJs, the marshmallows and honey (and duct tape for Tim’s mouth, since he’s supposedly on a diet ). There were also several anonymous requests for the blue team to “conveniently forget to button up their rear flaps” to look more… cute and innocent?! Who wants to see purple demon butt anyway? (OK bulldog, I know it was you. )

Weeeee’re two little girls who’ve lost their dollies, lost their dollies, lost their dollies…

*looks forward to the Michelin Man Marshmallow Mêlée*
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