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Originally Posted by Lhurgoyf View Post
Yesterday they hit a new low and got only $3300 with 50 pledgers, and this won't cut it... I just upped my pledge, but come on, where are all the other fans?
Well few things. First if those are kicktraqs numbers theyr actualy wrong (if you add up all their backers by date it doesnt even add up anywhere close to the actual total. Their average backer per day is right because thats just one simple divison)
But thats a bit besides the point, because that day was in fact one of our worst yet. And by the looks of today we're not done declining. By this time on sunday people may start to panic, particularly if we drop below 3k per day.
BUT: we're okay! We've come so far that we can afford a slump and still make 300k. Getting 3k per day isnt really a bad thing.. not since we've proven we're a group that can be upsold to (we got a huge 14k+ boost with only 80 new backers on the day of the 500 dollar tier, and i imagine another added tier could have a similar effect). We're in striking distance, and in a worst case scenario we'l make it to 300k with a near-the-end-final-hours-boost.
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