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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
I agree that it's a useful tool, and I'm glad that it was one of the people's main weapon in the Arab Spring.

I just live in a country where Facebook is mostly used to annoy others with every little aspect of your life. That's what the forums are for, imo...
Yeah, it's very different here than it is in countries with official censorship... And yes, here it is really about pointless stuff that has the risk of biting you in your behind some time in the future (like, you say something about someone/something and then your (current or future) employer googles you, finds that there and decides you are unwanted - has happened a lot).

And I don't like how Facebook, Google and the likes are becoming nameless superpowers who have incredible amounts of information on you (much more than governments), with no guarantee about how they use this information.

Global network biopower...

That's why I don't use any Google services except their search engines (and even that creeps me out) and part of why I will not log in to Facebook unless I absolutely must (which certainly I hope I will never have to)
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