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What I'm referring to is her approach; it's quite different to previous Kickstarter campaigns.

The whole "CSG" thing is definitely an interesting concept, but what it means in terms of Kickstarter, is that essentially you're vaguely investing in her and her new studio, whereas the others had a single specific project for which they were seeking funding.

I know she's settled on Moebius now as her first game, but I think I would have preferred if she'd just had a Kickstarter page for Moebius alone from the very beginning, and funding/reward levels directly applicable to that.

I still may end up backing it; Moebius sounds like it has promise, and the CSG approach intrigues me, but my initial feeling is that I'm just not so fond of a model like this on Kickstarter.


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Why should she offer concrete? I can't even imagine shipping costs.
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