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Originally Posted by zane View Post
Yeah, it worries me with many kickstarters iv seen that they havnt fully thought out the expenses of the rewards. For pinkerton road for example, for any 5k+ backer they are flying an entire band to you anywhere in the US!!! That could easily cost half of the 5k by itself. (possibly closer to the whole 5k if theres several+ people in the band and moving equipment...)
..and..theres 25 of those available... thats a tour!! That costs alot of money.
If Scarlet Furies is touring US anyway, adding those private gigs to the existing tour isn't that expensive or difficult... and even if they have to travel somewhere just to do a private gig, they can always try to do some public gigs in the area during their trip.

The link Winterfury posted was a good read. For sure there are risks in Kickstarter, and I would never give money to some unknown indie team for their first game project. I'm really excited about Jane's CSG model and I hope her studio will be a success, but only time will tell.
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