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Well this was an outstanding game. So much was artfully retained from the Dungeon Master formula, and prettied up a treat. Its a clear labour of love by Almost Human Games.

It doesn't just look beautiful, it plays beautifully. I've seen some complaints that its light on story, or lacks the refinement (dumbing down convenience) of 'modern' RPGs and should be marked down for this, but thats bunk.

It stays true to its roots and plays like a dungeon romp that challenges 'you', as much if not more than your characters. Who 'they' are, and why they're there is of cursory importance. Its all about dealing with the traps, secrets, enemies, and managing the wonderfully hands on inventory and spell mechanics.

Picture: You'll always feel a bit reluctant to let something go in case its needed later... be it food, a weapon or information.

The game has artful ground/world items that can be pedantically stacked to your (OCD) heart's content. Those crates, bag, and items where placed there by me and shifted from level to level as a mobile base.

Any team of prisoners can make it to the bottom of the dungeon, so long as they're carefully played. This game is a gem for fans of the dungeon crawler, in particular Dungeon Master. It took me a little over 15 hours to complete it once, and I immediately had to replay it with a different 'team' and hunt down ALL the secrets and treasures.

Its worth noting that some of the more powerful items and secrets require some serious gamer (twitch) reflexes, but they are optional.
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