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Originally Posted by diego View Post
that's a smart move - now that we're here, all attention should be on Moebius (even if it wasn't my favourite). Not "If you want spiritual successor to GK", not "Support and maybe we'll see GK!"... but talk should only be on what is Moebius about.
Completely agree with this.

I am as big a GK fan as anyone, GK1 being my favourite game of all time, but I cannot understand some people's view of not being satisfied with anything except GK4. Of course I do want to see GK4 (done PROPERLY) but I also want to see many other brilliant games by Jane Jensen.

Now Jane has the reins we will see what she can do without all the messing around and constraints which came with Gray Matter (a game I still enjoyed regardless).

How good would it be if, in a year or so's time, we were more exited about Moebius 2 than GK4?! (impossible as that may seem!)
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