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Originally Posted by zane View Post
They need money to get presentable in game footage... which they could do if they had a publisher.. but the whole point of this is to cut the publisher out.
No you don't. I put together presentable footage in a few days with my game, and recently did some mockup screens for a very large production in an afternoon.

You asking for $300 000,00. Thats a LOT of money. Hiring an artist, and putting together some game screen proposals and video proposals seems a small thing in the grand scheme.

My point is that, while I'm sure they have done some development on each project, I think that if they had SHOWN it, the campaign would be even more successful.

Originally Posted by zane View Post
And really, if they had picked their own title and it turned out to be a less popular one, then we'd really be in trouble.
She is an experienced game designer, with free reign. I would hope that she has a little more faith in her abilities.
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