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I think that the biggest problem with the JJ kickstarter is that it felt a bit like it lacked focus. It was almost a 'give us your money, and then we will see what we can do with it'.

Then again, I had the same problem with the DF one, and, to a point the Wasteland one. None of them have really said "here is a product that we need to complete", they have all been "We have this idea, and we need to develop it on your dime."

I think where this campaign could have separated itself is by choosing ONE product, and building the development campaign around that. By going to her strengths, and saying "This is an Adventure Game in the vein of GK. Here is the concept art. Here is a video of the game working IN an engine...we need $300k to complete this."

Im not a fan of the 'fans vote on the project' aspect for this as a first campaign. That could be a hook down the line...

THAT SAID, I think its doing well. I mean there are still 32 days to go. I hope that the target is met, and surpassed!
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