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Originally Posted by Gonzosports View Post
Today was the first day that the Kicktraq projected total dipped under $600K.
kicktraq is slow and incredibly simple, it hasnt taken all of sundays results yet into account (which was a slight incline from saturday)
Anyway, as iv been saying all along, 300k is going to be a fight. And the heart of the battle is about to begin

EDIT: Also, i'd like to supply this simple formula for anyone enamoured with kicktraq, so you dont have to give them traffic and can see their number yourself
Take the total $, divide it by the number of days the project has been going on. Multiply that by the number of days left. And then add that to the current $ total. There, now you have your own highly innacurate number without kicktraq

Originally Posted by fov View Post
I'm hoping some of that was the "weekend effect." The previous weekend was lower than the week days, too.
absolutely true. But we never bounced back from that weekend drop, though we did completely stabilize all week.
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