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Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
I was a bit surprised about that, actually. Considering Jane's talent for creating characters who feel realistic, why make (or at least describe him in the concept as) a super cool, deadly good-looking, highly intelligent, all-around talented, not-at-all flawed type of guy? I'm sure it'll be better in the game, but I was hoping for a character with a bit more character
Yeah, I thought so too. To the other poster above that hasn't played GK: Gabriel was an uneducated bumbling loser and an adept womanizer at the first game and remains that way for the sequels in most ways, even after becoming rich and acquiring a title of nobility. Sure, he was a handsome and charismatic guy, but he would often get in trouble for being somewhat of a foolish dick. He certainly had many character flaws and that really added to the character and made him so likeable.

I trust Jane's writing skills, but I hope the idealization of characters won't become a trend from now on in her works. Dr. Styles, for instance, was pretty much like that. Save for his emotional and physical scars, he is an extremely idealized übermensch(rich, genius, good looking even with a half-mask, uncorruptible and good-hearted, devoted to his wife even beyond death). I miss the flawed and down to earth characters of Gabe, Grace, Mosely and others.

Malachi would probably be better as an ordinary antiquary that gets thrown headfirst into a situation bigger than himself. The James Bond like persona seems boring. But anyway, we won't know until the game is out and we all know Jane is a master at characterization .Optimism is our friend.
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