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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
A clear case of downplaying possibly negative aspects. Thank you for proving my point.

So YOU are "qualified to make judgements" on the basis of your personal experiences and I am not. I see...

Anyway... I'm out of here. I do hope their game-to-be will be good and everybody will be happy. But I'm not giving them one cent.
I'm not sure what judgements you are referring to on my part. I had an opinion about how the quality of the video may, or may not relate to the potential quality of the game, and that is just my personal opinion. It is a bit cheap to dismiss other peoples opinions as just downplaying negative aspects. I fully acknowledge that the game could suck, but I am excited at the 'potential' for it to be great, and I don't care that the video is crap, because really, all the other promo videos they made for their SQ games were about the same quality .
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