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I don't think this new game of theirs will be a Space Quest game, but rather (as Banter stated) a new game entirely. However, if succesful they might get closer to the Space Quest IP and therefore revive Roger Wilco from his long sleep.

I think all ex-Sierra developers are slowly jumping on the same bandwagon and starting new projects to prove to the IP holders that they can make a successful adventure game and therefore claim the rights back. As far as I know, Replay Games is only "borrowing" the Larry license from Codemasters, and therefore they can remake the old Larrys but they have to prove successful to create new ones. Jane Jensen also has to prove successful in her endeavors before she can aquire the Gabriel Knight IP and therefore continue with that series.

The more we pledge and support, the more Roger Wilco, Gabriel Knight & Larry Laffer (NOT Larry Lovage!!!) get to see the light of day!

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