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Originally Posted by TalC2 View Post
Not necessarily - that's a misconception I see going around. The only way all three would be made eventually is if this entire thing (studio, company etc..) works for Jane, and for it work we need her to raise at least 300k, and that's for just one game! Jane said she *might* ('might' means it's possible, but in no way guaranteed) do the game anyway even if she doesn't reach the goal, but not reaching the 300k goal would be a serious blow to the whole initiative, greatly jeopardizing the chances of seeing even two games, much less all three! Not to speak of the future of her company/studio.

Why is it so hard for people to get this? Even worse, I see the misconception spreading that all three games will be made if we get to 300k. Yeah, right.
Because I seriously doubt that she'll fail. The Larry guys need to raise the same amount of money in much less time than Jane - she'll be fine. I understand what you're saying though.
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