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Originally Posted by Banter View Post
You, on the other, used your money to back a completely unknown developer with an ambitious project where any reasonable person could see shortcomings happening just by reading and thinking.
Sigh. No, I did not. He is definitely not completely unknown, he has developed games before, his project was not ambitious (a 3 dollar iPhone game??) and if you can see specific shortcomings you should name them instead of making sweeping statements about reasonable persons. But my response is not an invitation to continue a useless discussion. I already said I don't want to hurt JJ's and AL's projects. I couldn't care less about Logan and her project (which apparently has been "near completion" for a long time), she's just a fine example of all the things that can go wrong. I get the impression you haven't heard a word I said about context, blabla. No use in repeating myself for the umpteenth time.
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