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Originally Posted by jhetfield21 View Post
advie as much as i'd like to take away some of gabe's guesses he's right.when you post no rounds rule that's what's gonna happen.yeah maybe someone else would have made less guesses out of consideration for the others but others would jump on the opportunity.why the hassle to you??why didn't you wait?yeah it's a pain to organise things in a quiz but other's have done it with no complaint(ok maybe some but they do it),because it works well that way.many people get to guess and the rules get taken off only when the people guessing lessen or there are some difficult pictures not found yet.
ok lets not give this more that it is... 1st i like Gabe, and i said this before and he already helped and gave me advices now and before, and i dont complain .. i just sad for fien and diego leaving the quiz and i am not saying its because of Gabe, nah its because i know little about quizzes and couldnt make it well or in right way.... here i am learning

that is it and lets just continue the quiz Game ..
Lets Respect each others or shut it

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