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Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
1. It's too soon (as far as I am concerned, of course). There had been THREE quizzes in last week.
And quite big quizzes too.

2. Here's what the quizzes here covered so far: animals, birds, cats, chairs, concept art, covers, dogs, dragons, dresses, feet, fountains, globes, horses, (Red) Indians, inventories, knights, light fixtures, lighthouses, maps, mice & elephants, monkeys, paintings, people, phones, pianos, roads/paths, robots, scarecrows, ships, skulls, symbols, trains, trees, vampires, toilets/WCs, watches/clocks, wells and windmills.

was the people quiz about the NPCs ? can you send me the link of that quiz please ...because i am working on that and i just dont want to find out that it was already made
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