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1) [Gateway 2: Fantastic puzzles, too.

2) Rama The gameplay sometimes was lacking, but it gave a sense of alien intelligence and vast distance in a way that the Ringworld game didn't.

3) Blade Runner: It did the movie justice, which is amazing.

4) A Mind Forever Voyaging: It was pretty much all atmosphere.

5) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Goofy science fiction parody atmosphere counts!

And a few runners-up:

Trinity: Only loses out because it edges between fantasy and science fiction, so it's not a perfect candidate.

The Dig: I think it sometimes overplayed the "chords of awe and majesty" stuff, but so did Rama. Ah, well. It was great.

Kaged: Very creepy. Very good.

Portal 2: Oh no not this debate again
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