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Default 5 Sci-Fi (future) Adventures with the Best Crafted Atmosphere

not the story the gameplaying the puzzles and the graphics but the atmosphere , the intriguing imagination of the future

All those which can be called Blade Runner's Clones which handled/featured the future with some kind of a dark ,destroyed era/time or at least to say mostly with the unoptimizes themes .. the way stories tend to tell how the world ends, a cataotic earth ,catastrophes with all the misuse of the future inventions and technologies .

sometimes These Adventures can be also pushed into being mellow, even optimistic and sometimes very funny(Like SQ's) way,.. but however they are , just all good for me, to see and live the storyteller imagination form the world s(he) creates; the slangs to psychological touches that appear through dialogs and interactions to all the strangest things that make believe, and above all the just way you take them simply for Granted, to the max.

Blade Runner (of course)
Moment of Silence
The Dig
Perry Rhodan
Nightlong a union Conspiracy

Surely i am a great fan for all Sci-Fi games, movies and books it is always been my favorite meal !

as also for fantasy game like tWW which they almost have the same elements but not close, i just love it more when the game starts with an acknowledgment that its the year 2099.
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