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Originally Posted by Mad Manny View Post
I'm fine as long as the new forum doesn't require captcha, that's one of the reasons I use this forum.
We'll keep this as-is, i.e. the only captcha is for registration.

Originally Posted by Adventurere No.1 View Post
Poll's system upgrade , will it be eliminated
You'll definitely still be able to post polls.

Originally Posted by orient View Post
I hope the new home page puts news articles in with reviews, previews etc. and lists them all chronologically in one place (and not trapped inside a little box with a scroll bar :-P)
We had some debate about this, and even mocked up a unified feed, but it looked pretty messy (e.g. with some items having images and some not). So news will keep its own little corner, though the scroll bar is 100% gone. That thing was never a good idea.
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