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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
Exore, you've somewhat demonstrated my point as subbi did.

Comparing the JJ pitch video to the DFA pitch video simply does not apply. People dismissed Jane's video because it wasn't like Tim's. It's not supposed to be like Tim's, for Christ's sake.

I'm not debating or arguing against the importance of a good pitch and clear message. I'm saying that all the criticism about those things (much of it based on said unfair comparison) and the way its been used to spread negativity has been a terrible, overblown thing.

Jane faces the most scrutiny that I can tell from the AG crowd. Bar none.

If we are to be consistent with our criticism we should be tearing Tim Schafer to shreds for not putting more mystery and dark atmosphere into his pitch. Wait, what? That's not his style? So he shouldn't be beholden to something that doesn't apply to him? Interesting.

It's like criticizing David Lynch for not directing a light hearted romantic comedy. Why would he? It's not his specialty. If you're not interested because the subject matter doesn't suit you, fine. But if you're going to go out of your way to tell people that this David Lynch movie sucks because it's not like a Woody Allen movie, that is inherently fallacious and damaging to that artist's efforts.
If we look at the pitch video it is impossible not to compare it to DFA since that project was so insanely successful, however I agree with you totally that it should be judge on it own merits. Neither does it have to be funny, and everyone's opinion on it is subjective. I can only talk from my point of view that I found the suspense it it were cheesy even though I loves mysteries, thrillers and conspiracies. However, I am very picky of what I like, and in hindsight I think it would have been wise for them to invest more time and money in the pitch video.

I agree that Jane seems to get more scrutiny from the community, however, I would say that much of it has been constructive criticism which Jane has respond to in her updates which is great. Unfortunately you never get another chance for a first impression. Even tough you seem to be of the opinion that we are overly negative of the project I think this is a very good discussion to have with some stellar arguments on both sides. Jane also said that she reads everything and probably learning a lot from it which will be very useful since she hinted about doing another campaign for next season.

The purpose of my previous post was to show illustrate my reasoning when first viewing the project and why I didn't back it at first. Since the numbers of backers are still quite low there seem to be people who seem to be reasoning in a similar way, and Jane it would be wonderful if everyone of them changed their mind. Also I think it it hard to analyze and criticize this completely from a logical point of view since the decision of backing the project is of an emotional one.
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