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Originally Posted by TalC2 View Post
Strange, I found Jane's KS video with her cute step-daughter to be hilarious. To each their own I guess.

Oh - and I mostly agree with inm8#2, not wanting to support is one thing, circulating misinformation and despair is simply wrong.

And the "kiddie" thing is just an extra, not something you're paying for. It can't hurt, it's not like you'd be forced to read it (it's an eBook).

And I do believe if Jane is successful with Pinkerton Road we'll see GK4 one day, but even if not - I'm eager to see new, fresh things from her, even a sequel to GM which was very good story-wise, less so technically (again, because Jane didn't have then what she's trying to achieve now - against many odds it seems, unfortunately ).

One last thing - forming an impression based on a lone, conceptual preliminary art is simply...narrow-minded (re. the Anglophile Adventure art). It's more of an illustration than anything else.
Did Tim (who I supported) show us anything at all? Maybe it was better if Jane didn't bother to show anything, then people wouldn't be ungrateful for what there is (which come to think of it is mostly the case with us human beings. Go figure).

Bottom line - I wonder why folks who know Jane and played the GK games and want to see more of what she's got to offer would need fancy and smooth sales pitches to convince them. It's not like it's something they know zilch about, a shady salesman approaching them with a suspicious-looking powder.
I agree with this and most of what nm8#2 has said. Many people seem to take offense from his passionate posts but as he said it is not aimed for people who are not interested on the project or capable of pledging.

I am not as angry as nm8#2 as I've already gotten used to how disappointing people can be. I also noticed this "nothing is enough" air with this project. Something isn't perfect but Jane instantly comes forward and explains it, fixes it and yet people just find something else to bitch about. Overall she's handling things very well and I agree that changing the vote earlier was a good idea. Hopefully we get more pledges when the game title is confirmed.

But like said before, a "crusade" (I am not really saying nm8#2 is on one, just lacking a better word now) doesn't turn their heads - but he has every right to vent his frustration about this.

Personally I welcome anything from Jane, I never thought this project would be Gabriel Knight 4 and honestly I don't even want it to be now. I want these three projects as I trust Jane wants to do them and will do them brilliantly. And then if she gets the rights to GK I will be extremely happy to get GK4 too.
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