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We all agree she deserves the support.

And she'll get it once we clear the sky on what game is going to be made.
As I mentioned earlier, we want a worthy spiritual successor of GK (as you pointed out, we can't have GK itself, fine)

Very few people are waiting for Gray Matter 2 and even fewer for an Anglophile Adventure (what ever the heck that may be....)

Come April 14th, hopefully the right game comes out of the vote.
Worst case scenario is that most of the Gray Matter fans already signed up and therefore may just still land on top.
This would be desastrous for the proceeding of the campaign, which is why I questioned the entire voting and multiple games offerings in the first place.

But I'm hopeful and positive (to end these ramblings positively ;-)) that Moebius will eventually land on top and the pledges will come by the thousands ;-)
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