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You're darn right I'm stubborn about this. Somebody has to be. Jane is not getting the support she deserves because so many people just think, "GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK." I'd say therein lies the true stubbornness.

Yes, it could have gotten off to a better start. Some of the pitch and ideas could have been presented better. But you know what? As soon as people asked questions, Jane answered. You can't fault her. If people are too engrossed in their own preconceived notions to not take a couple minutes to learn more about the project, I'm not sure what else can be done.

I don't want to be right for the sake of being right. I gain nothing. I just can't believe so many people out there are misinformed about this project, even within the core AG community.

There are more than 1700 Jane Jensen / GK fans. They have all heard about this by now. If they think NOT supporting Jane's current work is somehow going to help her get back GK, they are dead wrong. Simple as that. You don't reach a distant, improbable goal without covering a hell of a lot of ground before it.

This kickstarter is a golden opportunity! How do more people not see that? I'm in bizarro world.
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