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Sigh...I didn't write or imply that Jane doesn't have more to say on GK. I said that for all legal and practical purposes GK is over. Everyone knows Jane wants to do another GK, but it hasn't been a remote possibility in some time. You try your best, but if it's out of your control, you move onto other projects as Jane as done. That doesn't mean you abandon hope. That means you put your efforts into more practical things, and maybe in the future the unreachable goal becomes reachable. But in order for that long-term goal to remotely have a possibility of becoming a reality, there needs to be a successful build up to it.

The lapse in logic here by so many people is astounding. Here's my view of the situation.

1. Jane needs to demonstrate her viability in the market to get approval for another GK game.
2. Jane needs support from AG's and others to be successful and show her viability.
3. Many AG's obstinately refuse to support Jane because they demand GK.

See how #3 is incongruent and detrimental to the success and relationship between #1 and #2? In other words, the path from A to Z requires B, C, D, etc. Yet, people refuse to accept this. For them it's A to Z. No B, C, D. They want Z now. Only Z.

So, if people really want GK, they need to support Jane. Plain and simple. And if GK never happens, you'll get some amazing games made in the vein of GK without publisher interference.

Jane's Kickstarter says that if the CSG project goes well it will bring her a step closer to making another GK. I trust her on that, and that should sway people away from their "No GK?" attitudes, but she's not promising it can happen. She knows better than anyone that Vivendi/Activision have been a royal pain in the ass about this.

People are so hung up on GK, they simply ignore the nature of the situation. It's hurting Jane more than it helps. Just look at the response to Gray Matter. "It's no Gabriel Knight." The nitpicking over Gray Matter, regardless of the history of that game, was so overblown and ridiculous. And something tells me that if the day does come where we have another GK game, the AG community will find ways to complain about that in an even harsher manner.
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