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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
- Nothing about the subscription approach is unclear. You pay $50, you get 3 games for a year-long season.

- The unique offering is the Community Supported Gaming concept. You subscribe for a season and you get 3 games. How cool is that? Not to mention all the beta testing, behind the scenes info, and other bonuses many backers will receive.
Are you sure that we get 3 games? I understood the CSG model so that we get 1 new game if the 300k goal is reached, and 2 new games if the 600k is reached. I think those 3 game ideas were just concepts, not a promise that all of them will be made eventually.

This first CSG season will run from the present through end of June 2013. How many games will we do in that period? That depends on what we raise during funding.
If we meet our Kickstarter goal the season will include:
* An all new original adventure game by Jane
* Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure
If we raise $600K or more the season will ALSO include:
* A second Jane Jensen adventure game
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