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You misunderstand me.

It's not about facts or claims, right or's about how it comes accross to the're arguing these sentiments and trying to counter them, but it still came accross that way initially.
- gray matters performance and history does not help
- confusing model, whether justified or not, does not help

People donot spend on average and hour to read the whole detailed proposal made by Jane.
People decide in less than 10 seconds if they consider or are interested! This is scientifically proven. And in 10 seconds it's quite easy to get the wrong picture....and they move on.

Mark my words, once the choice is made which game will be made, many more will pledge. Whether you like it or not....we're not all suckers for the subscription model.

I'm not paying to vote....I'm paying to get the game made that I want!

BTW: I'm NOT a double fine fanboy. I have not played any game of them/Tim since Grim Fandango ;-)
And the Gabriel Knight 1 and 2 are my number 1 and 2 favorite adventure games. If anything I'm more a fan of Jane's games than Tim/DF.

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