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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
I kind of liked your passionate post, inm8#2. You made some good points. I was sure JJ would get her 300K in no time (apparently not) and I didn't like Gray Matter enough to finish it. But you're right, she deserves my support just for the GK series alone.
Thanks, Fien. I hope you can feel happy supporting Jane. I'm not trying to bully anyone into pledging. I'm just extremely disappointed that some of the reasons people are using are just not true, and they're spreading these distortions everywhere.

I'll agree that some aspects of the Kickstarter could have been clearer from the beginning. But you know what? Jane has been commenting, responding, and posting updates constantly. That means she cares and she listens. That is the type of interaction Kickstarter supports, and it's the type of communication any gamer wants to see from the developer. She has been delivering answers to everything. She even posted scans of her design bibles from GK1 and GK2 to show what people should expect for certain rewards!

@ subbi, you've basically demonstrated all of the false reasoning and misinformation I've been talking about while sounding like a Double Fine Fanboy. Kudos to proving my point. Now I'll discredit your erroneous claims.

- "Gray Matter drivel" - what a sad, silly statement to make despite my previous posts... and I take it you don't know about the history of that game's development, and how much of the production was out of Jane's hands? Did you not read the bolded part in my post about how Jane was disappointed with the lack of control in the Gray Matter production and wants her own studio to produce the best possible games true to her vision? And how that's the very goal of this Kickstarter?

- Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure was never the focus of the Kickstarter. It's a bonus offering, self-financed by Jane, thrown in as a separate reward. It is 100% unrelated to the actual game(s) funded by the Kickstarter.

- There was no tease of GK4. You interpreted it that way because it's what you wanted to happen despite Jane saying this was not GK4 on her facebook page. I'm as big a GK fan as anyone, and I never for an instant thought this would be GK4. Not once. Why? I used rational thinking and remembered that the fact of Activision holding the GK rights hasn't changed.

- Do you really think that someone known for dark, mysterious storytelling should NOT give her video the same ominous feel? That's what Jane did. It suits her style. Why do you think that's a bad thing?

- Last time I checked 3 clearly presented concepts for games were LESS ambiguous than the "classic point and click adventure" pitch from DFA.

- Nothing about the subscription approach is unclear. You pay $50, you possibly get 3 games (1 for $300k goal, +1 for $600k goal, +1 for "kiddie" game) for a year-long season.

- Want a GK style adventure game? Vote for Moebius.

- There have been no "serious" mistakes, other than honesty and directness instead of a bloated over confident sales pitch (not saying DFA was that).

- The unique offering is the Community Supported Gaming concept. You subscribe for a season and you get 3 games. How cool is that? Not to mention all the beta testing, behind the scenes info, and other bonuses many backers will receive.

- Double Fine is a well-established company of 65 people. They have the resources to hire a third party to shoot an HD documentary. Jane is starting her own independent studio. She does not have the luxury of this.

95% of the "wrong impressions" were a result of misbegotten, unfounded expectations and unfair, inapplicable comparisons to a Kickstarter from a different developer with a different style and a different goal.

Do people even read anymore before drawing their own conclusions? Or do they just enjoy believing things that aren't true and convincing others to do the same for some odd reason?

Jane will meet the $300k but it's not going to be easy. Current backers are increasing their pledges, but the key is to get more backers. So, to the people on here who really want this to succeed, spread the word every way you can!
***Read the bolded part***

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